EcoDesign & Passive House

All about passive house

Passive House is a particular way of designing and building a home to reduce energy consumption almost to zero. It does this through orienting the building to maximise passive solar gain, super insulation, air tightness and heat recovery. We are specialists in passive house design and have completed work that proves the concept. > find out more

Sustainable solutions

We have over 20 years experience of designing sustainable buildings. We look at all aspects of design and construction, that includes renewables design, low imapct materials, non toxic finishes as well as high levels of insulation and maximising passive solar gain. We have expertise in environmental modelling and simulation to help make informed decisions about your project.

Adaptable futures

Our practice works on designing buildings that respond to the changing needs of households. All too often we have to move because our home is no longer fit for purpose. We have expertise in designing houses for long term adaptability to accommodate supported living, running businesses from home and partial letting. > find out more

Selected projects

Passive House

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Whole Life House

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Zinc Stone Wood

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